Native Plants for Butterflies, Bees & Birds


Florida has a beautiful array of native plants to enhance our natural spaces. These plants provide a wide range of ecosystem services including attracting beneficial birds and insects by providing food and habitat. Rebeca will help you select existing or new plants for your space.

Landscape Design & Maintenance


Rebeca's experience and knowledge translate into valuable care and maintenance of the plants and trees in your landscape. Her care will lead to stronger plants able to withstand pests and diseases and weather instability. She can also help you design new or update existing plantings, as well as repair, replace & improve the efficiency of existing irrigation systems.

Grow Your Own & Improve Your Health


Find satisfaction and better health by growing some of your own food! Rebeca's agricultural expertise will help you have success in growing in the challenging environment of the Central Coast of Florida. Rebeca also loves to make her own pro-biotic fermented Fyr Cydr, Kimchi, Kraut, & Kombucha. Ask for a sample!

About Rebeca



Rebeca has worked in the horticulture/agriculture/permaculture fields for over twenty years, leaving gardens in her wake all over the country. She earned her BS in Sustainable Horticulture and has worked intensively in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oregon and Florida. 

Her experiences naturescaping in Florida have taken her from the north (Tallahassee) to the south (Miami). She has lived on the Treasure Coast for five years, working part-time at McKee Botanical Garden; a permaculture project at Sustainable Kashi; and for a number of clients in Indian River County.